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We partner with six award-winning growers from around the world to bring you fresh extra virgin olive oil directly from the orchard. Our olive oils are all single-origin, hailing from Greece, Italy, Turkey, Chile and South Africa. Please meet our collection of talented growers.


The Dimarakis Estate

The Dimarakis family has been growing olives in Ermioni, Greece for generations. They are passionate about their olive oil, always ensuring that the olives are crushed within hours of harvesting. These remarkable olive oils inspired the birth of our company and they continue to be bestsellers among our customers.

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The Laleli Estate

Our naturally flavored olive oils are estate-bottled by the Laleli family. The family's patriarch, Dr. Yahya Laleli, is a Johns Hopkins University trained physician and biochemist. As an expert on the chemical composition and properties of olive oil, Dr. Laleli preferentially uses olives from an early harvest. Although early harvest olives have lower oil content, they contain higher levels of healthy antioxidants. Within hours of hand-harvesting, olives are pressed simultaneously with fresh fruits and herbs.

The family estate is located by Edremit Bay on the Turkish Mediterranean, a region well-known for producing one of the best olives in the world. The unique combination of climate and soil results in olives with an extraordinarily delicate flavor. The quality of Laleli olive oil has been internationally recognized in many competitions, earning more than 20 awards over the last several years.

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The Cutrera Estate

Frantoi Cutrera's family estate is situated in Chiaramonte Gulfi, in the heart of the Iblei mountains in southeast Sicily. For many generations they have devoted their skills to the cultivation of the olive. The Cutrera Mill is extraordinary for the diversity of its three extraction lines, which allows it to adapt the technicalities of extraction to the variety, grade and maturity of the olives. This makes it possible to always obtain oils of intense fruit and balance. Their olives arrive at the mill within six hours of harvest.  All operations are performed with scrupulous attention to the cold extraction process.

The dedication of the Cutrera family has not gone unnoticed. They have earned many awards, including being named best olive oil in the world by Flos Olei 2010.

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Sicilian Extra Virgin Oilve Oil

The TerraMater Estate

Lush with groves planted on rich land in 1948, TerraMater is the oldest Chilean estate dedicated to extra virgin olive oil. The name TerraMater, “Mother Earth”, tells a lot about the company itself. They are deeply committed to the environment, sustainability and to reducing their carbon footprint. TerraMater produces new-world olive oil with old-world technique and care.

Because of Chile's southern hemisphere springtime harvest, TerraMater is able to release a fresh olive oil for enjoyment with summer and fall seasonal foods in North America. A Flos Olei 2010 award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

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Chilean Extra Virgin Olive Oil
 Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Vesuvio Estates

Vesuvio Estates

Vesuvio is located in the spectacular Paarl area of the Western Cape in South Africa, an area that has produced fine wines for centuries. In 1996, Arturo Dotoli brought new life to Vesuvio by planting 15,000 olive trees. More than 900 acres are used exclusively for the cultivation of olives. Frantoi and leccino olives are grown with tender care, restricting the use of chemicals. After hand-picking, the olives are transported to the estate’s modern extraction plant where they are pressed within hours to avoid natural oxidation.

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